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One cold bitter night a girl walks with quick steps back home. The more she walks ,the faster she moves. No turning back ,she just continues to walk. Before she could take another turn she is hit from behind. Blood is oozing from her skull. The thieves fish into her bag. They give to themselves her money. Three thousand shillings in cash. One with a torch in hand spots a ring on her finger. He grabs it and almost ripping her finger off.
Early the next morning a lady in a Kitenge  passes by this road of slaughter. She almost trips from a hand outstretched from the bush. She turns and the first thing she says Anabelle! Anabelle! It was her mother. Tears drip down her chicks as she looks at the lifeless body of her only girl. Next to the body is a phone which looks very familiar – it belongs to her child who is no more. She picks it up and In denial she screams… Anabelle please wake up.  An ambulance comes loudly with its siren almost as if to say make way. At the city hospital she is pronounced dead on arrival.
The next day at about 2 am a call is received on the Late Anabelle’s phone and the user calling is saved as BFF.
The mum’s head is spinning BFF… BFF …BFF … then she picks it up
” Hello”
” Hello mama Bella”
” Hi ”
At this point mama Bella’s voice sounds low…
On realizing this BFF says…
“Could I speak to Bella…”
“Leila I know you will be taken a back but Bella is gone …. She is gone Leila ….she is gone… She was attacked by thugs and now she is gone”

In disbelief Leila hangs up… runs to her room, sits down and cries.
In her mind she is thinking….
” In the morning we were laughing online and now she is gone … No…No…Noooo”
Denial creeps into her mind she cannot comprehend .
“Bella… Why did they do such a thing to her? What did she do to deserve such a  of gruesome death from people who probably do not know her?” WHY?

It was sombre mood at the burial. One by one all who knew Bella spoke of her great life. Hearing the eulogy being read you could tell it was the truth. Her life as it  was – no added flavors or subtracted ingredients.
Leila sat still and sang along with the other mourners

God be with you till we meet again;
By his counsels guide, uphold you;
With his sheep securely fold you.
God be with you till we meet again.
Till we meet, till we meet,
Till we meet at Jesus’ feet,
Till we meet, till we meet,
God be with you till we meet again.

Leila thought quietly. She was a prayer partner. Her soul is in a better place. I know it for sure.



If you hear a student say that they yearn to go to school everyday you need to be worried. School is not the best place to be especially for a high school going age child. That is what we tend to think but contrary to our beliefs Jessica was a different breed.  Jessica was an above average student academically with the highest standards of discipline and exemplary talent. She wrote amazing stories and poetry that kept one glued to the pages until the last full stop.

One fine morning in the walls of form 2A in Jijenge Girls High School Mr. Phillip walks into class but he is not on his own. A very strange phenomenon because he preferred to teach on his own therefore he  never co-taught or gave away his classes.

‘‘Good Morning Class’’

He says with a warm smile.

‘‘Good Morning Mr. Phillip

The class replied in unison                                                                                                                                                                                             ‘‘I would like to introduce to you Mrs. Kadzo. She will be your new Kiswahili teacher for the rest of the year. I hope you accept the change and give her an easy time. With that said allow me to leave her with you. Have a lovely day.’’                                                                          He walks out briskly and the students look at one another in confusion as if they had seen a hurricane right before their very eyes.

Mrs. Kadzo was a very observant teacher. She knew each of her students by name. She was wise and had taken note of their strengths and weaknesses. Each day that passed she encouraged them to be better.

She always said:

‘‘I am amazed at how you become better each day  as individuals and students. You are performing better than I did when I was in school and the potential you possess shocks me. Each day you grow as you become better. I am pleased with your efforts. I will always pray that you succeed.’’

Jessica had her own plans to stand out in the crowd, win affection and be the teacher’s favorite. She wrote many Swahili compositions (Insha’s); and handed them in for marking. Mrs. Kadzo could not help it but notice the gift that this girl possesses. One afternoon she could her to the boardroom to have a chat just the two of them. At first she was speechless all she could do was say

‘‘Wow, you are an amazing writer. I love what you write in prose and poetry. I am overwhelmed by your skills. I will not say more than that lest I ruin the beauty of your words by uttering a statement of disguise. Keep doing what you are doing and you will go places.’’

With tears of joy in her eyes Jessica replies

‘‘Thank you! Thank you! So much I have never heard anything like this in my life.’’

Mrs. Kadzo never lacked words for even the worst of students. Kylie was a pretender. She was very good at it to the extent that you would think it is an art just by observing her. However Mrs. Kadzo believed in her.  On one particular occasion Kylie said to the teacher.   ‘‘Carry yourself out of class and accompany your charming words.’’

This was after she was asked to answer a question but courtesy of Kylies rude nature she just did not feel like responding and since she felt that she was being subjected to torture she responded as she pleased. However Mrs. Kadzo response shocked her

‘‘Kylie, God loves us even in our worst. He loves you … Kylie and wants the best for you. He is supreme and hence who am I to do the opposite. I love you Kylie not as Mercy Kadzo but like Christ loved you. I believe you will meet him soon.’’

Jessica and Kylie were foes. However after each had an encounter with Mrs. Kadzo in person, they solved their differences and became the best of friends. It was when Mrs. Kadzo was on duty that they approached her.


‘‘Mrs. Kadzo I would like to speak with you.’’

Kylie said slowly trying to sound polite. The teacher immediately left what she was doing and gave her all the attention.

‘‘I would like to get to know this God who loves even the sinners even the worst of them all- the Judas. I understand he wants to redeem them. I just want to accept him whose name is I am. Will you help me?’’                                                                                                          Kylie said with a boldness never heard before. Mrs. Kadzo looked at Kylie directly in the eyes and said to her


‘‘I am glad that the Lord has redeemed you.’’

She then prayed with her and uttered the words of Galatians 2: 20 and said

‘‘Peace be with you today and forever Amen!

The two girls never forgot Mrs. Kadzo, especially Kylie who after getting to know more than a savior but also a true friend Jesus begun to write music and owes it to the amazing teacher.  The following year Mrs. Kadzo disappeared never to be seen in the school compound again. Her disappearance was a blend of sadness and joy for Kylie. She termed it as a happy ending because she found someone who opened her own heart to open another heart and this changed her life forever.

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When I was in primary school I shared a class with a young girl named Tamima. She was a lonely girl with not much friends attributed by how she looks, talks and walks. She had a big forehead and a big skull. She mumbled her words and could not talk quietly. Her voice was naturally loud. Her walking style seemed to confuse most people. She walked slowly and stepped with one leg. This had a traumatizing effect on her because no one seemed to understand. All they could do is laugh and make fun. Teachers were not an exception. In fact they called her kichwa kubwa which translates to big headed. Theirs was a literal meaning of the word which on normal terms was used to mean a child whose behaviour is wanting. Poor Tamima! Did she have to go through all this trouble?

Tamima had the support of her mother –Sandra since her father thought she was a bad omen. At the time Sandra delivered Tamima her father asked

‘‘Haya ni mapepo gani?’’

‘‘What kind of witchcraft is this?’’

He could not stand seeing what Tamima looked like so immediately they came out of the hospital he packed his clothes  and ran away never to return or to associate with a bewitched family -as he describes it.

On the other hand Sandra knew the girl was a gift. She is the image of God was what her mother anyone who would ask what the problem is or try to speak ill. These words were enough to get people holding their tongues. Her mother knew it was congenital hydrocephalus (a buildup of excess Cerebrospinal Fluid –CSF in the brain at birth that leads to swelling). She therefore made efforts to ensure Tamima feels human. This made Tamima cling to her mother as a support system and friend. As Tamima would cry everyday explaining what her classmates have told her and how they laughed. All her mother would do was say

‘‘You are beautiful and I love you just the way you are but don’t forget God loves you more.’’

Tamima would look at her mother wipe the tears away, smile and give her a very tight hug.

On one fateful day I fought with my best friend. I sat behind my desk and begun to cry. Tamima who was sited in front of me was singing a song that was in line with her problem and mine at the moment

Mbona? Mbona? Mbona?

Mbona? Mbona? Mbona?

Mbona? Aah Mbona?


Wakati Mungu aliniumba

Alipanga mpango wake

Kwamba Mimi niwe jinsi nilivyo

Mbona sasa hamnidhamini

Mwaniona Kama sifai

Sikuchagua niwe jinsi nilivyo

Nikitembea barabarani macho mmenikazia

Mbio mbio mwaniondokea Mimi ni Kama nyinyi

When I heard the singing I stopped crying, wiped my tears, walked towards her and asked in the middle of my sobs…

‘‘You –can –sing?’’

She did not respond but immediately notices my sorrow and asked

‘‘Why do you cry?’’

The tense in her sentence seemed to implying it was something I did constantly. Then she uttered …

‘‘Pamela I know you, I have observed you and I know it is your best friend- Mary. But allow me to tell you this

Now, we are never alone
Your blood, it makes us strong
Now, there is power to move on
Never, we are never alone

Once I had a heart that just wouldn’t seem to heal
No joy blowing through the wind
Your touch I couldn’t feel
Near my end, I heard Your voice
Speaking comfort to my soul
Saying when you’re weak, that’s when I’m strong
Now I’m so glad I know

No more loneliness
No more cloudy days
No more crying in the midnight, or
The fears that just won’t fade

I did not destruct her. I went out to call my friends to listen and you guessed right they were as shocked as I was. They were surprised to know the person I was mistreating has a big heart and a big talent. It did not stop at that they gave word to the teachers were more than surprised. They allowed her to participate in the music festival particularly a solo performance.

This was her turning point as everyone begun to accept her. Bullying her would lead to suspension. Everyone realized it is not about how you look but what you do and the value you hold to yourself that matters.


i do not own any copyrights to the songs used above

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One day in a highway a man was cruising in his state of the art Jaguar. As he was speeding a young man threw a stone and hit the car by the side. The driver came to a halt and assessed the damage on the car. There was a huge dent. He looked around and saw a young man approaching him. He started unleashing his entire wrath at the lad wondering why on earth he would do such a nasty act to his new car. The dent would be costly.

The young man without looking at the damage he had done to the car pointed at the pavement. The driver looked in the same direction and all he saw was a wheelchair. The lad explained that he was pushing his brother back home on the pavement but however, he accidentally fell down. Apparently, he was too heavy for the boy to lift him. He had tried to beckon many people and drivers to stop in vain. As a last resort, he thought of throwing stones at cars and that is how he hit the jaguar.  The driver was taken a back. He helped the boy lift the brother back to the wheelchair. He also made up his mind not to charge him with the dent.

It would be a constant reminder that at rimes we run so fast in life that we forget to slow down to help others. We just don’t want to be interrupted. We have a busy schedule so we say. Life has taught us to be busy and to acknowledge that there is no time. In fact many of the miracles of Jesus were performed when he was interrupted. Think about it. His first miracle was turning was turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana. He was interrupted while celebrating with other guests at the reception. His second miracle was healing of an Official’s son. Remember he was interrupted while journeying across Galilee.

He was interrupted as he preached to a multitude of five thousand to feed them. The lame man walking, the paralyzed man rising, the dead child that Jesus brought into life….why didn’t Jesus mind being interrupted? Because he loved people. He was approachable, easy to talk to and easy to like- how unlike many of us who claim to represent God today.

Remember life’s interruptions are God’s opportunities. If Christ did not want to be interrupted, imagine how many people would have continued in utter suffering.

In one of the most familiar stories in the Bible, Jesus tells about three busy men whose lives are interrupted by another person’s problems. Two of these (very religious me indeed) decide not to allow life’s interruptions to detour them from their own hectic agendas. They have no allowance for delays no room for interruptions. No doubt same full schedule holds true for the despised Samaritan, a man whose family isn’t even from that part of the country. But the Samaritan recognizes the wounded Samaritan as an opportunity to do the work of God.

That man-an unnamed fellow who allowed God to turn an interruption into an opportunity has been known ever since as the Good Samaritan. You too can be the Good Samaritan.

Do not let God throw a stone at you as a reminder that you need to spare time for others….

A candle loses none of its light by lighting another.





The power goes out and you can’t see anything. You sit incredibly still and focus on your hearing. Don’t stand! Don’t stand! The voice in my head was telling me. I sat back to hear if the voice would call again or If it was just a dream. After twenty minutes of listening I thought that I can as well stand. That is just a dream I reassured myself. When I was just on the verge I heard it again : Don’t stand! Don’t stand! If you do you risk losing your life. This time the voice did not just echo itself. It dared to warn me. Did it just feel like it? Did the voice feel like she should tremble or was there more to it? Long after staring into the dark I heard a gunshot and another and another. Then the voice called out again Don’t stand! Don’t stand! I was tempted to look outside the window but the seriousness of the voice started to bring itself up with the incidences of the time. The gunshots stopped at three. That must be a specific person or a house that members must have suffered an attack. I thought to myself. After twenty minutes of absolute silence I heard somecommotion out side. I stood and peeped curiously outside the window. The members of the community were surrounding the of a young man who had just moved in. My curiosity begun to
grow. Stepping out of the stone cold house I saw the young man’s body, whose name I came to know as Jacob, on the ground. He was not dead for his frail body moved . Jack Robins- and an ambulance arrived. The community catered for his bills. This was when they realized that he had just started working and managed to secure a place for himself. The incident brought forth good for the community. They established The Tujuane Initiative with the aim know your neighbour. After three months Jacob walked out of hospital as the first beneficiary of the The Tujuane Initiative .

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If you can look at the sunset and smile then you still have hope. (Anonymous)
“How I wish I was pushed to study I could have done better.” Those were the words of the mouth of Bilha Siyadi. Bilha was a bright student in one of the best schools in the country – Galaxy High School.
She was one among the best students who was always praised by teachers and admired by other students. It also came to the attention of the non-teaching staff about her remarkable performance in school. She was the school celebrity.
That moment when she thought to herself she realized all attention was drawn to the less performing students. It was they whom the teachers always organised for private sessions, given extra work and with any slight improvement they were always congratulated and encouraged to do more.
Bilha was always very outstanding in her efforts but this time she wondered why it would be so. Award after award she took home. She sat with ‘presidents’ and dined with them courtesy of zealous effort and remarkable performance.
However, Bilha recalled where her attention was drifted to during her last year. A larger part of the term especially during the last year, she was the intercessory leader of the Christian union (C.U). She had to ensure all prayers conducted within the school borders were successful and colourful.
“Through God’s grace I can count my successes academically and in the prayer group I can say I made an impact, I can’t count how many lives were changed.”
She thought to herself then gazed at the sunset and smiled then said “so why should I ask God ‘WHY ME’ When I fail to achieve my target?