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Christ’s resurrection celebration
Also known as Easter
At this time we celebrate the East star
The wise men saw a star in the East
On their way to see the star of the East
A star in the sky
Symbolizing that a star is yet to be born
They are headed to Bethlehem for worship
But they come across a king
Who symbolizes what our worldly desires look like
Therefore since God has a big plan for mankind
The star will die only when he has uttered the words
It is finished
With that he allows Judas to kiss his skin
That the flames of hell may not kiss our skins
But you will not touch him before God says so
Because his hour has not yet come
His death sentence was a theme
From the Genesis
But he did not fear
For he knew he was a sacrifice
That you may not need to sacrifice
Anything to live
But you may live because he died
And rose again
He did not only die
He also rose again
He did not remain in the graveyard
Therefore my sins are not my death
But I am dead to sin and alive in Christ
Don’t get me wrong
The wages of sin still remains death
But the gift of God is eternal life
Hence I live because Christ lives in me
The Star is alive

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I will make a friend
I will visit you in hospital or in prison
Or wherever you may be
You do not know me
And I do not know you
But I…
I will make a friend
I will find you on the streets
Even before you say anything
I will offer you water and food
Because I…
I will be your friend
I will find you at your point of need
I will offer what I have
I may not seem magnificently rich
But I am rich in within
So I will give the little I have
I will make a friend
You will knock at my door
You will be torn and worn out
I will see sincerity in your face
And I will open for you
I will give you water to drink,food to eat
Clothes to wear, a shoulder to lean on
A roof above your head
And a Bible to read
Because what you have done to the least of these you have done onto him
These friends will know Christ through me
For I am not a Christian because I do good works and charitable deeds
But I do good works and charitable deeds…
Because I am a Christian
Let me explain it
My works do not make me a Christian
But my deeds reflect I am a Christian
So call me Tabitha or Dorcas
And now that you see me alive
You will know the Lord
You will see justice in the prison
Healing in the hospital
A home in the streets
Compassion and strength in your time of need
And eternal life in Christ
You will see a friend
A friend indeed for a friend in need

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There are 12 things I want to thank God for
Many years
Many years of my life
Born several years ago
Where you put me together in my mother’s womb
And for  9 months you moulded me to what you wanted me to be
Out of this many years you took me at your own time
Father and gave me to the son
So now that says I am rich in within
I have a treasure deep inside of me that is Christ
A mine within me only he can explore
My identity is in Christ
For I have believed in him
I cannot define me without him
He is I AM
You love for me is greater than anything I could ever know
You love me with your unconditional love
A love that never ends or fades
A love that was there
Before the generations,before the foundations
You knew me and exactly everything that I would do
I mean it’s like a man marrying a woman whom he knows would constantly cheat
So thank you God for loving me
Then Four
You have taught me how to love
You have taught me how to love you
This was through the cross
You made it clear you can do anything for me
Hence created trust in me for a love unfailing
You have taught me how to love others as I love myself
Though not like me but like you
With a passion and love for Christ
You have given me trustworthy friends
Friends from all walks of my life
Friends from Bible Study Fellowship
Friends from DCF
Friends from Doulos
Friends yet to come.
Friends I learn and play with
These are people you brought into my life
Other friends whom I have met and yet to meet
Friends whom I can call family
Thank you for choosing my friends
Because you are a true friend
You have a given me a family
People I share , laugh and learn from
People whom if anyone else walks away they will stay
A father, a mother and six siblings
All whom I love and all who love me
What I have learnt and what I am learning
Through your word and in everyday life
These things help me grow
That good I am learning I can integrate with your word
For all good things come from you
You have given me wisdom
Wisdom which does not come from laughter but from mourning
So I thank you for rain and sunshine
Thank you for the roses in my life
Thank you too for the thorns I am blessed with
Through this I gain wisdom
In my toughest times I got to know you more
And in this I have grown and allowed others to grow
I thank you for your Holy Spirit
Through him I follow your will
He has been my helper
Helping me to discern that which is from you
And that which is not
He has been my guide
He assures me that you are with me always
I thank you for humbling me
That my pride may not be above my love for you
That I may be humble enough
To let you become greater as I become less
Thank you for the therapeutic techniques you have given me
I acknowledge I cannot do it without you
For you are a wonderful counselor
Comforter and keeper
And in you I find rest
Thank you for the ability to minister
Through this gift of poetry and a musical tongue
Let not my artistry supersede my worship
For when I do it ceases to become worship and becomes self glorification
So write my poems and let my praise and worship.
Be  a magnification of you who is holy
And since there is not more I can say
I will say Thank you Lord

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At times I have typos in my writing
It says I am not perfect
I need an editor
My mistakes are too many
Though my English is simple
I use few words to describe myself
But I never realize I have said too much
What more can I do
For I have seasons in my life
That I have stories to tell
Stories too long
Too long they cannot fill one book
They fill libraries
I have flaws that I love
Flaws that are God given
For outside beauty does not define me
Instead it is the beauty in my heart
Because there in my heart Christ lives
That is why I boldy proclaim
A proclamation that
I have been crucified with Christ
And I no longer live
But Christ lives in me
The life I now live
I live by faith In the son of God
Who loved me and gave himself for me
This life I live
I live for Christ
Christ who is the Redeemer
Redeemer of my soul
He knows my weaknesses
Weaknesses that he has taught me to accept
To accept I am an imperfect being
Who needs him for life
Therefore I will never cease to say
That Christ is the perfect man for me
Whom I will never put before a him,her,thought or feeling
Because I realized that how I see him is how I see me
And so I don’t want them to see me I want to them see you Lord
I Am a manifestation of the works of Grace
Then if it’s Christ in me
Let my identity be him
For I need editing
Editing by the father
Therefore when you see
I write see instead of sea
Feel instead of fill
Right instead of write
Mag instead of mug
Remember I am a work in progress

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They say too much of anything is poisonous
but I wouldn’t fear to have too much of Christ
because everything else would be in moderation
because when Christ is the head you don’t need too worry of anything being too much or too little
because his measurements are perfect
No need to be confused because he is the way ,the truth ,the life
No one goes to the father except through him
Yes he will show you the way to the father
So stop looking for money,riches and fame
But seek Christ for life eternal
Because this earthly things will come and go
They will come and go
Be not tempted into the ways of the world
Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness then all these things shall be added unto you
So be a true follower of Christ
Not an onlooker
Seek his ways for he is love
Real love ,the only love that is able to keep from falling
And seek not the world whose ways are lust and adultery
Oh do not find pleasure in walking by sight
But walk by faith and so  let your faith be sight
That you may not sin because the wages of sin is death
But the gift of God is eternal life

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For all who rejected me
I forgive you
Meet me and greet me
We can now become friends

I keep you not in my heart or mind
I carry you not with me
Because I need peace of mind
And a balance in my heart

The Lord forgave you
So have I
I hope you forgave yourself
Because you need freedom

I hope you learnt to relate to me
But if you did not I don’t mind
As for me I can relate with anyone
Including you that I love more now

Even though I suffered under you
I choose to let go of the pain
I free myself from these
Because I can never live in the past

I faced ditches and hitches
But I jump over them
Higher than I thought I could soar
Because I look to the Lord

I no longer listen to voices along lane 15
I choose to focus on Jesus till I die
Because his is a voice of truth
That gives piece before the war

My friends and enemies
If you see me
You will know I am not the same as before
I am an instrument of piece

I am a new creation
A vessel of honour
God’s handy work with purpose
A creation that gives hope

I forgive you
I am free
I am new
I am his

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It’s not about me
It’s not about you
But it’s about God
All of my life
I have been thinking
I ensure someone has
known my achievements
And I beat my chest
Forcing God to tell me
That I am a good and faithful servant

I thought he was actually telling me
And so I went ahead to do what I was doing
Telling me I was right
Because I received accolades from people
And not my master
My enemies were laughing in a way I couldn’t see
Thinking it was my turn to laugh

Now that I realize where I should be
They are not going to stop
Until I am put to rest
They will ensure not only me who dies
But my purpose dies too
What they don’t know is I have been dead before
I have overdosed on my sinful blows
My eyes were sealed shut and my heart oxygen flow

They wondered why Jesus choose me
A wretch like me
With a past like me
He had a hundred sheep
With one stray
And that little sheep
Happened to be me

They don’t know Jesus chooses lost
So they too can be chosen
And they will be singing the amazing grace
That a sinner found
And how sweet that sounds
aThen will be talking about
How Jesus is Rich in Grace because he saves

They will know
how great thou art
Because he is king
And strength in their weaknesses
As they see how weak they were and dead they were to sin

Now I realize that
I would not want my enemies to perish
Because I have read the enemies to perish
And known that anyone with the mark of the beast
Will suffer in the lake of fire -hell fire

And therefore every time I worship and pray
I remember them
Crying to God to let not anyone perish
Because it nearly happened to me
To soften their hearts
That they may see God
And that they may experience
The first ressurection

I pray they realize
That mercy said no
And they may seek the Lord
To know that grace is not only for me
But is for everyone who God loves

I pray that they realize
That there is power in the name of Jesus
To break every chain
Tied to them by the enemy
And that when they finally seek him
They may sing that the chains are broken

It is my desire
To see my enemies facing unto the Lord
Singing praises and worship
Asking to give them you Lord
Knowing everything else can wait because the old is gone the new has come
And with the knowledge they have been raised with Christ