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Words on Fire I let them free… These words will Minister something

Request for Lorraine’s Services

This website consists of great talent by Lorraine.

Lorraine has displayed exceptional talents.

You can contact her on one of the following areas: As you contact her keep in mind

she is a Christian

Poetry– to know what kind of poetry Lorraine writes  click here.

Writing – Need your speech but don’t know what to write? Tell Lorraine what your speech should be about and she will write it for you. Need an essay or commentary contact Lorraine. Need a document for your website or company but you are stuck … do not worry i will help you get unstuck.

Content Development– Need content for your website,cards , advertisement, poster, banners or flyers ? Lorraine can come up with creative content to make you stand out.

Research- Need research about anything? Could be your competition, a product, a theory, a subject, a group of people or anything for that matter? Give Lorraine the duty and she will do the job.

Voice Overs – Need my voice for your telecommunication line, your advertisement on radio, your audio production – do not search any further, my voice is suitable for that job.

Public Speaking and psycho education– Need Lorraine to psycho educate people on a topic?

The topics i talk about include

Education and Education systems                                                   

My Writing and Skills 

Social Media Advantages and disadvantages                                        

Mental illness 

Using Your Talent skills and God given Abilities                                       

Social Skills   

Identity and identity crisis ( in a christian perspective)

Career Counseling                                                                                               

The Youth         

Psychology and the  Church                             


 Art and the church                                                                                   


Creativity – (as opposed to structure)

Justice (from a Christian Perspective)                                                       

This is not all- I psycho educate people on all issues and topics – just tell me what you want me to talk about and I will get back to you.

Note: I speak in both English and Swahili. You can call me if you have a Swahili only audience.

Email :lorrainewangari.lw@gmail.com or  fill the form below

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