MAY 5th 2015 is the date Lorraine Wangari Written was set up. I had a blogger but it did not last long in fact the first posts on my WordPress are the only posts in my blogger.  I fell in love with WordPress because of the themes and outlook. This is not to say that blogger is bad or is not stylish enough… NO ! There is a lot you can do with a blogger site. However I had come across many WordPress sites and i thought that there is indeed much you can customize on a site that you need to check the terms and conditions box. A site that advertises itself with a link that is said to be yours but is still WordPress owned.

speaking of customization i have changed the link twice but the current one in use is there to stay. I have also changed the themes too many times and in several occasions it was due to public demand.  some argued my themes were gender biased , others felt it was too plain and others felt it was less creative. in many occasions I too felt the same way and felt i need to change it. I do not know what you think about the current one but I personally feel it is suitable for all the audiences.

I have found the blog to be very useful in knowing what it means to be a good writer as i found the process both exhilarating and exciting. writers block has been real and thanks to your support … for you have kept me going. You have been good readers and good critiques at the same time and i say thank you for your overwhelming support.

however the purpose of this post is 1) To thank you for your support 2) To allow you to celebrate this milestone in my life 3) To seek your ideas on what could be better in this blog. Tell me what should and shouldn’t change. This is not only my blog but yours too. What do you think can entertain, challenge, outrage or uplift you even more.  it is our chance to rethink and revamp Lorraine Wangari Written. Speaking of revamping the only option i do not have is to delete this blog. However if you would like to do just that … delete the internet by  clicking here other than that share with me in the comment section below or drop an email at

furthermore it is your chance to share your favorite posts in the comment section