Christ’s resurrection celebration
Also known as Easter
At this time we celebrate the East star
The wise men saw a star in the East
On their way to see the star of the East
A star in the sky
Symbolizing that a star is yet to be born
They are headed to Bethlehem for worship
But they come across a king
Who symbolizes what our worldly desires look like
Therefore since God has a big plan for mankind
The star will die only when he has uttered the words
It is finished
With that he allows Judas to kiss his skin
That the flames of hell may not kiss our skins
But you will not touch him before God says so
Because his hour has not yet come
His death sentence was a theme
From the Genesis
But he did not fear
For he knew he was a sacrifice
That you may not need to sacrifice
Anything to live
But you may live because he died
And rose again
He did not only die
He also rose again
He did not remain in the graveyard
Therefore my sins are not my death
But I am dead to sin and alive in Christ
Don’t get me wrong
The wages of sin still remains death
But the gift of God is eternal life
Hence I live because Christ lives in me
The Star is alive

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