Writers in this day and age go through a lot in all spheres of where writing is concerned .

here are just but a few

1) They buy many fancy books as they console themselves they will use to write on but a good number of them are barely used.

2) They buy many books intended for the same use – e.g 3 different books to be used for writing daily experiences.

3) They get disturbed if they have not written in a long time.

4) They have an official personal blog and another blog for other purposes.

5) They have many ideas about everything they see.

6) They complain of underpaying gigs.

7) They have that thought that crosses their mind about full-time writing as the chief source of income.

8) They want to be recognized countrywide such as be called to write for drum,Truelove or a local magazine.

9) They have dreams of international recognition for example perform at P4CM ( Passion 4 Christ Movement).

10) Other non understanding citizens complain of their jobs for instance her  … she is just a blogger couldn’t she have studied print media or technology.

11) The students being asked to divert their energy to writing related courses yet the same people are against those who write professionally.

12) Being made the secretary in school,work and in other circles as people  make the excuse of you like writing so it’s your job now.

13) People giving you non professional work to do for them such as their school projects and reports so that you can do it for them at no cost because of reasons like si you are my friend and words is your thing.

14) Someone giving you a book review to do after whinnying of how much school work you have.

15) Thinking of projects you can do with other writers but you find out in order to get there you need to have a stable source of income.

16) if you study psychology , after writing a blog post you are accused of diagnosing your friends.

17) Your writing comes in the way of your assignments. You always think you will write your stuff the whole semester but still finish your assignments.

18) People hating on your guest bloggers because their style is different from yours.

19) Being added to a Whats App group full of creatives  who do not sleep so you wake up to 4500 messages.

20) The best of stories come when you are occupied by other stuff and disappear the just before you wind up with whatever it is you were doing.

21)Plagiarism When you notice a website with a horrible name is busy showcasing your work and the only consolation you have for yourself is that only good art is stolen.

22) When someone rants about your blog having slowed down yet you are nursing writers block.

23) When you are in the middle of writing an interesting story and KPLC becomes your mess and you lose your interesting story.

24) People telling you to publish yet you will see them online asking for free PDF copies of Chimamanda’s books.

25) Wondering how to categorize your blog because it is eclectic. You have no specific thing that you talk about.

26) Enjoying the mix of things you do in life because it’s amazing.


I do not own any rights for the photo used in this blog. to view the original click here


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