i say things . Many weird things. I do weird things. i have  a friend who calls me The Crazy psychologist( sounds like a series or a book title) courtesy of my weird deeds and actions. it is not new to those who have known me since my childhood.

There was this one time when i was in class 5 a boy who really liked me and promised me the stars( coming to think of it, that was funny) sent me a love letter. i can’t remember the exact words but it read something like.

Dear baby girl ( that line by itself brought grief)

i love watching the stars and when i see them i see you

i want to love you

to be with you…

The rest i don’t remember

This is even better English. The next sentence  will explain why.

When i read the letter i corrected his English on almost every line.

Not as if mine was in ranks with the queen. It still not is . I have typos at times.

On giving him the corrected version, which was my response that was intentionally done to make him feel worse he hated me more than he loved me in fact he cooked a lie just to land me in trouble.

Once a teacher in primary still asked why do most of you look out of the window and do your own things during class?

I raise my hand and what i really wanted to say was

” if the class was more of a discussion than a lecture it would more lively but i ended up saying.

”You have such a squeaky voice it seems like a lullaby”

She nearly cried- i promise you it’s not a lie.

She tells me to call my father

When she comes she has only has one thing to say

”Kindly speak to your daughter?”

”Now”-He asks

You do not want to hear the speech i was given.

Recently in a matatu the conductor came along collecting his money.

when he reaches to Lorraine she opens her mouth to say … utalipa ?

He looks at me smiles and says – hiyo haitawezekana.

Then i say something like

”ooh unasema fare?”

pretending i have finally understood yet i know what was going on i dive deep into my pockets to fish out cash.

Everybody in the matatu laughed. They had their therapy for the day was done.

To those who ask whether i am kukus…

I am totally ok

I do not need extreme checkup

Everyone has a level of crazy in life

Signed on a sane note by  a sane person.


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  1. i like the boy’s audacity in writing you a love letter! i like your view on dispensing therapy in the matatu…you could have felt laughed at and your self-esteem taken a nose-dive. well done!

    Liked by 1 person

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