Our education system

Is obnoxious and cantacarous

I would strongly say this because

This education system fish to climb up trees

And forces these fish to come down the trees

Which means we are teaching dead fish

Kwasababu samaki akitolewa majini hufa

If you take a fish out of the water it is dead

Or do our trees have sufficient water

If you compare manufacturers goods

Say cars

Compare the car henry ford invented

With a VW Tiguan you will notice that

A VW Tiguan is a makeover

But look at the classrooms

Same sitting arrangements as the 1900s

The books are also the same

It’s probably only the cover that has changed

To lie to us

The content is still the same

All other systems have changed

The education system is still the same

We give uniforms to symbolize the suits in the workplace

We tell them sit in nice neat rows and columns

Raise your hand when you have a question

Hence their thought pattern is limited to four walls

Your grade determines your future

That is what we tell them everyday

We put 40 students in one classroom

It is as if they have the same type of brain

We do not give room for musicians

And people who love handiwork

We only give room for A students

An A which will determine the quality of product

In fact many innovators dropped out of school

Or have never worked where their degree is needed

Should we wait for students to drop out of college

For as to realize we are wasting their lives

They are dropping out of school because they have an innovation

An innovation that school will not help them to build

But only letting free their minds will

This education system has caged people’s minds

So that they cannot think beyond their learning

We have a bored of education

That makes our students bored of education

To the extent that they cheat

You think plagiarism started in university?

NO … it started in kindergarten

Because as children we are taught if you are not right

Your opinion is not allowed so you better be quiet

You have to be right if you have to be heard

That is why they are taught Christian Religious Education

And not Religious Education

Hence they will never realize that we are all different

And through our differences we can build different

And through our differences we can build society

When will we change this system

That makes right seem wrong and wrong seem right

We need to make students realize

It is ok to make mistakes

Because through our mistakes we learn

We need to find a space for all students

In our curriculum

To allow them to break from their cocoons

And make our society a better place