I recently took a break from walking in the courts, sharing my opinion, life, talents in these courts and seeing verdicts being passed in line with the opinion laws. Others have been sentenced and some have been freed. But the tragedy in all this is that most of those who visit these courts are mentally held. They cannot think instead they are subject to the laws of opinion.

If as of now you cannot link my topic with my words you either are among the few who have never stepped foot in these courts or you are still enslaved. If the latter is you I urge you to break the chains  of –MENTAL SLAVERY). Moreover there could be a need for you to sit down and think about it critically.

I despise the fact that social media sounds a bit like school. ARE WE REALLY IMPARTING EDUCATION OR IGNORANCE?Over the years there have been debates that school teaches us what to think and not how to think which is true. Grounds of innovation are being poisoned through the effects of school.

I logged off all my social media accounts for at least five days on the close of November to the beginning of December 2016. During this time I felt that I had acquired back my human nature. I am not the one easily influenced by people’s opinions because I have a mind of my own -I can think. What I mean is that I was able to get in touch with people more than when my accounts were online.


On logging back in everyone wants a like and a comment under their post. Some even bashed for the fact that I was offline as if social media determines life.


Then I see posts like while you were away… Sincerely speaking must I wait for Thursday to post a memory of a season in my life that passed ages ago on the norm of T $ Cs apply? I am not saying there is anything wrong with that but society has determined who we are to the point that we forget ourselves. We have ruined our marriages, friendships and family because naysayers will always say Nay and we will follow them blindly.

Allow me to say that some people’s lives on social media is a lie. But some of you believe their very strategic an organized lies that we believe that is who they really are.

I do not just accept all friend requests and you find that people will always want to crucify me for this. I do not always like every pic and comment under every post because entertaining evil online is entertaining evil in real life. Encouraging a lie is just like living a lie.

Some will ask …Then why are you still using social media networks and I will say as for Lorraine she will still do the right thing and even on that platform. She will encourage someone to be better but will not force her values down anyone’s throat. Most of all she will not wear your labels. Lorraine will also be publishing soon but she cannot afford what the media demands since they are also spoilers at times. However she will use her space widely to give to the society what she can.

Therefore pick your gavels if you will, pass your verdict but I will not be sentenced.


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