There are 12 things I want to thank God for
Many years
Many years of my life
Born several years ago
Where you put me together in my mother’s womb
And for  9 months you moulded me to what you wanted me to be
Out of this many years you took me at your own time
Father and gave me to the son
So now that says I am rich in within
I have a treasure deep inside of me that is Christ
A mine within me only he can explore
My identity is in Christ
For I have believed in him
I cannot define me without him
He is I AM
You love for me is greater than anything I could ever know
You love me with your unconditional love
A love that never ends or fades
A love that was there
Before the generations,before the foundations
You knew me and exactly everything that I would do
I mean it’s like a man marrying a woman whom he knows would constantly cheat
So thank you God for loving me
Then Four
You have taught me how to love
You have taught me how to love you
This was through the cross
You made it clear you can do anything for me
Hence created trust in me for a love unfailing
You have taught me how to love others as I love myself
Though not like me but like you
With a passion and love for Christ
You have given me trustworthy friends
Friends from all walks of my life
Friends from Bible Study Fellowship
Friends from DCF
Friends from Doulos
Friends yet to come.
Friends I learn and play with
These are people you brought into my life
Other friends whom I have met and yet to meet
Friends whom I can call family
Thank you for choosing my friends
Because you are a true friend
You have a given me a family
People I share , laugh and learn from
People whom if anyone else walks away they will stay
A father, a mother and six siblings
All whom I love and all who love me
What I have learnt and what I am learning
Through your word and in everyday life
These things help me grow
That good I am learning I can integrate with your word
For all good things come from you
You have given me wisdom
Wisdom which does not come from laughter but from mourning
So I thank you for rain and sunshine
Thank you for the roses in my life
Thank you too for the thorns I am blessed with
Through this I gain wisdom
In my toughest times I got to know you more
And in this I have grown and allowed others to grow
I thank you for your Holy Spirit
Through him I follow your will
He has been my helper
Helping me to discern that which is from you
And that which is not
He has been my guide
He assures me that you are with me always
I thank you for humbling me
That my pride may not be above my love for you
That I may be humble enough
To let you become greater as I become less
Thank you for the therapeutic techniques you have given me
I acknowledge I cannot do it without you
For you are a wonderful counselor
Comforter and keeper
And in you I find rest
Thank you for the ability to minister
Through this gift of poetry and a musical tongue
Let not my artistry supersede my worship
For when I do it ceases to become worship and becomes self glorification
So write my poems and let my praise and worship.
Be  a magnification of you who is holy
And since there is not more I can say
I will say Thank you Lord