Harriet Turbman who was an underground rail conductor and abolitionist was nicknamed Moses. WHY MOSES? If you have read the story of the liberation of Israelites from Egypt you will notice there is a mass movement which is known as an Exodus. This was the same with Harriet Turbman she moved with large troupes of slaves on their journeys and quest for freedom. In the latter years of her life she was quoted saying
‘‘I freed a thousand slaves and I could have freed a thousand more if only they knew they were slaves’’
The slavery she was talking about in this statement is of mental slavery which is the worst form of slavery in the world.
People can chain your hands but only you can chain your mind. Henry Brown was a slave for many years but his mind was a free asset and so he organized together with a choir member James Caesar Anthony Smith to be shipped in a box labeled dry goods from Richmond to Philadelphia. Along the way the box was turned upside down and handled roughly. When he arrived the box opened Brown said “How do you do gentlemen?” then recited a psalm. I waited patiently on the Lord and he heard my prayer, to the delight of the four men who received him he was christened.
Unlike box brown will you be confined to the box that people fit you in or will you ship out of their box? Will you dare to put the hole on the box and later sing psalms or will you remain a slave? In the words of one of my favorite poets Janette Ikz Why do we believe in the system that makes you think you are a victim of the system when he(God) set you free?
Yes 2000 years ago Jesus Christ through his death abolished our spiritual shackles and set us free from the kingdoms of the world but many of us remain comfortable in our religious traditions and superstitions while still proclaiming that we are free, People with a Christian personality oblivious of their slave mentality.
So are you willing to break the shackles that you wore by yourself and take the long walk to freedom like Nelson Mandela? Therefore do not wear them. Do not be the one who has been set free but still wears the chains willingly.