Lets take a sneak pic and move into your lives a bit
Person A: Hi could I please ask you a question?
Person B : Uliza haraka ama unyamaze

The response from person B takes one back you would not continue with your communication.

Person B lacks the communication skills of tolerance and friendliness.
Person B should have said something like yeah sure Go ahead and ask.

This also happens much in some professionals like catering where you say hi to a waitress and they respond

“Chukua chakula yako ”
Take for instance you are talking to someone. What do you notice as  you speak or as they speak to you?

Body language

If a person’s eyes seem to be saying

“Can you finish up what you are saying”

Would you prompt further?

Do you shrug shoulders, roll your eyes or use facial expressions that seem to say


when one is speaking to you?

If this is you- you need to learn to communicate using essential non – verbal skills.

Imagine a scenario when one is talking with no full stop.

They want to talk and give only themselves a chance to talk.

Concision is key and this takes me to my next dialogue
Person A: Do you know the president of America?
Person B: It’s really hot today
Person A: Did you hear what I asked?
Person B: Yes, yes,yes I will be going to the movies tomorrow.


The most important but least used.

Another part of speech that conveys you are not listening is interruption.
Person A: Do you know there is a way in which …
Person B: Najua kile unataka kusema wacha uongo
With all this observations in our society does this mean we need to start teaching adults communication skills from scratch?

Do we need teaching in our workplaces and colleges every now and then about communication skill

Where will we start because  we cannot force it down people’s throats?

How will it be done?

I speak of adults because you train a child and they will learn but how an adult?

Furthermore who will take it up