At times I have typos in my writing
It says I am not perfect
I need an editor
My mistakes are too many
Though my English is simple
I use few words to describe myself
But I never realize I have said too much
What more can I do
For I have seasons in my life
That I have stories to tell
Stories too long
Too long they cannot fill one book
They fill libraries
I have flaws that I love
Flaws that are God given
For outside beauty does not define me
Instead it is the beauty in my heart
Because there in my heart Christ lives
That is why I boldy proclaim
A proclamation that
I have been crucified with Christ
And I no longer live
But Christ lives in me
The life I now live
I live by faith In the son of God
Who loved me and gave himself for me
This life I live
I live for Christ
Christ who is the Redeemer
Redeemer of my soul
He knows my weaknesses
Weaknesses that he has taught me to accept
To accept I am an imperfect being
Who needs him for life
Therefore I will never cease to say
That Christ is the perfect man for me
Whom I will never put before a him,her,thought or feeling
Because I realized that how I see him is how I see me
And so I don’t want them to see me I want to them see you Lord
I Am a manifestation of the works of Grace
Then if it’s Christ in me
Let my identity be him
For I need editing
Editing by the father
Therefore when you see
I write see instead of sea
Feel instead of fill
Right instead of write
Mag instead of mug
Remember I am a work in progress