If you hear a student say that they yearn to go to school everyday you need to be worried. School is not the best place to be especially for a high school going age child. That is what we tend to think but contrary to our beliefs Jessica was a different breed.  Jessica was an above average student academically with the highest standards of discipline and exemplary talent. She wrote amazing stories and poetry that kept one glued to the pages until the last full stop.

One fine morning in the walls of form 2A in Jijenge Girls High School Mr. Phillip walks into class but he is not on his own. A very strange phenomenon because he preferred to teach on his own therefore he  never co-taught or gave away his classes.

‘‘Good Morning Class’’

He says with a warm smile.

‘‘Good Morning Mr. Phillip

The class replied in unison                                                                                                                                                                                             ‘‘I would like to introduce to you Mrs. Kadzo. She will be your new Kiswahili teacher for the rest of the year. I hope you accept the change and give her an easy time. With that said allow me to leave her with you. Have a lovely day.’’                                                                          He walks out briskly and the students look at one another in confusion as if they had seen a hurricane right before their very eyes.

Mrs. Kadzo was a very observant teacher. She knew each of her students by name. She was wise and had taken note of their strengths and weaknesses. Each day that passed she encouraged them to be better.

She always said:

‘‘I am amazed at how you become better each day  as individuals and students. You are performing better than I did when I was in school and the potential you possess shocks me. Each day you grow as you become better. I am pleased with your efforts. I will always pray that you succeed.’’

Jessica had her own plans to stand out in the crowd, win affection and be the teacher’s favorite. She wrote many Swahili compositions (Insha’s); and handed them in for marking. Mrs. Kadzo could not help it but notice the gift that this girl possesses. One afternoon she could her to the boardroom to have a chat just the two of them. At first she was speechless all she could do was say

‘‘Wow, you are an amazing writer. I love what you write in prose and poetry. I am overwhelmed by your skills. I will not say more than that lest I ruin the beauty of your words by uttering a statement of disguise. Keep doing what you are doing and you will go places.’’

With tears of joy in her eyes Jessica replies

‘‘Thank you! Thank you! So much I have never heard anything like this in my life.’’

Mrs. Kadzo never lacked words for even the worst of students. Kylie was a pretender. She was very good at it to the extent that you would think it is an art just by observing her. However Mrs. Kadzo believed in her.  On one particular occasion Kylie said to the teacher.   ‘‘Carry yourself out of class and accompany your charming words.’’

This was after she was asked to answer a question but courtesy of Kylies rude nature she just did not feel like responding and since she felt that she was being subjected to torture she responded as she pleased. However Mrs. Kadzo response shocked her

‘‘Kylie, God loves us even in our worst. He loves you … Kylie and wants the best for you. He is supreme and hence who am I to do the opposite. I love you Kylie not as Mercy Kadzo but like Christ loved you. I believe you will meet him soon.’’

Jessica and Kylie were foes. However after each had an encounter with Mrs. Kadzo in person, they solved their differences and became the best of friends. It was when Mrs. Kadzo was on duty that they approached her.


‘‘Mrs. Kadzo I would like to speak with you.’’

Kylie said slowly trying to sound polite. The teacher immediately left what she was doing and gave her all the attention.

‘‘I would like to get to know this God who loves even the sinners even the worst of them all- the Judas. I understand he wants to redeem them. I just want to accept him whose name is I am. Will you help me?’’                                                                                                          Kylie said with a boldness never heard before. Mrs. Kadzo looked at Kylie directly in the eyes and said to her


‘‘I am glad that the Lord has redeemed you.’’

She then prayed with her and uttered the words of Galatians 2: 20 and said

‘‘Peace be with you today and forever Amen!

The two girls never forgot Mrs. Kadzo, especially Kylie who after getting to know more than a savior but also a true friend Jesus begun to write music and owes it to the amazing teacher.  The following year Mrs. Kadzo disappeared never to be seen in the school compound again. Her disappearance was a blend of sadness and joy for Kylie. She termed it as a happy ending because she found someone who opened her own heart to open another heart and this changed her life forever.