As a society I believe we are losing it by crediting those who do the most weird things. These which are definitely not right at all. People are termed as heroes and heroines for doing all the wrong things.

Recently there was some viral expertise Photoshop doing it’s rounds on social media of a lady called Seve Garts. She had gone to China but not quite. Kenyans made a lot of fun about the whole scenario. Then on one fine morning woke up to news that she received a free gift of a flight to China from the famous Kenya Airways commonly known as KQ. Not forgetting the same flight company was involved in a scandal regarding the managers. What the allegations are true I do not know – I leave that to God.

Earlier in the year a business man by the name Jacob Juma was found dead. There are many claims to how he was killed but only God knows the surrounding the matter. During his burial one man hanged onto the helicopter carrying his body and landed to injuries. He was later nicknamed Bungoma :Hangman or Bungoma James Bond. He too was sponsored by good Samaritan for a flight back to Nairobi. On the other hand an app known as Bungoma hangman was innovated which is something good which means we are influence by the wrong in all ways.

These are both negative instances and people regard them as heroes.

Our society is roten and people love the roten and if we do not change we will never get ripe even in our season.