They say too much of anything is poisonous
but I wouldn’t fear to have too much of Christ
because everything else would be in moderation
because when Christ is the head you don’t need too worry of anything being too much or too little
because his measurements are perfect
No need to be confused because he is the way ,the truth ,the life
No one goes to the father except through him
Yes he will show you the way to the father
So stop looking for money,riches and fame
But seek Christ for life eternal
Because this earthly things will come and go
They will come and go
Be not tempted into the ways of the world
Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness then all these things shall be added unto you
So be a true follower of Christ
Not an onlooker
Seek his ways for he is love
Real love ,the only love that is able to keep from falling
And seek not the world whose ways are lust and adultery
Oh do not find pleasure in walking by sight
But walk by faith and so  let your faith be sight
That you may not sin because the wages of sin is death
But the gift of God is eternal life