What is a heart fire?

A heart fire is a state in which the heart burns because of what it holds. It is a state of the heart in which one is unstuck due to holding on to past pain simply put UNFORGIVENESS.

At times we feel it takes too much to forgive at times we feel it is impossible to forgive. But every time we pray the Lord’s Prayer we say

Forgive us our trespasses

As we forgive those who trespass against us.

We ask to be forgiven as we ask God to help us to forgive but one thing: is that we do not want to forgive. That becomes our main hindrance to us being forgiving and to what we request because we do not want to act upon it.

It is true that God forgives even when we do not deserve it. That also points to us that we should also forgive even if no one deserves it.

We all need forgiveness and likewise we all need to forgive

The Bible even says in Mathew 6:15

But if you do not forgive others their sins

Your father will not forgive your sins

This verse comes just after the Lord’s Prayer in Mathew 6:13. We need to forgive and let go and so to put it forget. FORGIVE AND FORGET. If you do not forgive anyone it is you who hurts not them because as put in other versions

Forgive our debts

As we forgive our debtors

Therefore if you do not forgive you are portraying that someone owes you a debt and if you cannot at all forgive then debt cannot be paid.

Then let your heart not be fiery with what you are holding back but let it be free.