Many people keep asking me a question I will never get tired of answering. The question reads ‘‘Why Psychology?’’ Or it sounds something like ‘‘you have a good voice why not study a course where you will use your voice more such as communication or Information Technology?’’ To further disgust you hear them asking it by quoting ‘‘why you are doing a course for a nobody you couldn’t have done any better?’’

Passion and Calling Co-relation

To answer the above questions I wrote an article and named it WHY PSYCHOLOGY: DIFFERENT CALLING. We all have different passions and callings and if you are not aiming to better any of the two I have three words for you WHAT A WASTE!  Therefore my passion is to help others. If I stop at that someone would say there are many other courses you could have done such as, customer care, medicine, theology, social work, community development, nutrition and whatever else you will say. But let me remind you I said different passion and calling and there is your answer: my calling is in none of the above but psychology.

Therapeutic Nature

Coming to think of it I have a passion for many things including art, poetry, culture, people, community and an in depth passion for Christ and therefore if you ask me why not combine all these I will tell you I try but I end up being therapeutic in any one of those or all of them combined seeing it best to do psychology as I would be able to use my passions to help others.


Let me tell you a bit about my unfocused life that was and later attuned to focus and self – discovery.


Self -discovery is a process of gaining insight of oneself hence I would not be wrong to say I am still in a process of self- discovery since every day I become aware of something new about myself, which is a sign of growth.

Before I finally decided that psychology is what I want to do I was undecided. Every time I was asked what I want to specialize in at higher learning (posed as what do you want to be when you grow up) I mentioned what I had been thinking about for the past two weeks or not long ago from the time of the question just to look focused. (A more focused person would say that she is thinking about it and would accept if given more time not to make a hasty decision). I started by wanting to specialize in fine art, then education, then aviation or airport operations (whichever came to mind ) then it was engineering or was it electronic engineering. At one point it was a linguist, then an actuarial scientist or computer scientist (put in mind I did not know the difference so whatever came to mind was good enough). Then for the longest time I was set that I wanted to be a pastor – no lie I preached once in a while. That got off my mind for a while and I started talking about being an artist – more specifically a poet but I thought I would just be an artist – more specifically  a poet  but I would just be  a romantic, therapeutic, activist and it wouldn’t do much for others but I eventually knew better.

All the careers mentioned above at one point influenced how I behaved. The fact that I wanted to be a linguist and a poet at one point made me choose French as an option and yearn to succeed in all the languages tested in high school- English, Kiswahili and not to exempt French on my part.

The fact that I wanted to do actuarial science, computer science and electronic engineering made me choose physics as an option.

The fact that I wanted to be a pastor made me join the C.U in order to access the pulpit easily then wanted to shine in C.R.E and languages so that I would be easily marketable for what it deserves.

Journey of Self-Discovery

When I purposely intended to begin my journey of self- discovery, I started to see the real me. I began to know my personality type, my strengths and weaknesses became more known to me, my tolerance and intolerances were in the light more than ever, my own resistances were hindrances that I recognized. I began to realize that my artistic, linguistic, theological nature of me all draws back to a few things that lead me to finally say psychology it is.

My art is therapeutic for me. When faced with difficult situation I use art to express myself. It also works in the same manner for others who read my poems. Once a person read my poems and says it prevented her from committing suicide.

Linguistic nature displays in my proficiency in Swahili has led me to help others to start their projects and it draws back to the art for me who looks at language as an art.

Yes I wanted to be a pastor but I realized there is one thing I always tied my theological nature to the problems in our society which can be overcome by faith. I came to realize that I tend to do that as a means to enlighten people and it is not what I would love to do 24hrs in 7 days but what I would want to use my free time for.

The fact that the passion inside of me can work around predicting a behavior (such as someone committing suicide) in order to describe, explain and control which are what I came to realize are the four goals of psychology then why not follow my area of calling.

I began to feel so passionate about it that I started discovering few things such as personality tests, mental/ psychological disorders and even went for personal therapy – even before I started the course although I did not know that was the name I thought I was just in a one on one career counseling session but I know better now. I am I ventured into my calling that cannot collide or overpower my passion but that which works hand in hand with it.