For all who rejected me
I forgive you
Meet me and greet me
We can now become friends

I keep you not in my heart or mind
I carry you not with me
Because I need peace of mind
And a balance in my heart

The Lord forgave you
So have I
I hope you forgave yourself
Because you need freedom

I hope you learnt to relate to me
But if you did not I don’t mind
As for me I can relate with anyone
Including you that I love more now

Even though I suffered under you
I choose to let go of the pain
I free myself from these
Because I can never live in the past

I faced ditches and hitches
But I jump over them
Higher than I thought I could soar
Because I look to the Lord

I no longer listen to voices along lane 15
I choose to focus on Jesus till I die
Because his is a voice of truth
That gives piece before the war

My friends and enemies
If you see me
You will know I am not the same as before
I am an instrument of piece

I am a new creation
A vessel of honour
God’s handy work with purpose
A creation that gives hope

I forgive you
I am free
I am new
I am his