It’s not about me
It’s not about you
But it’s about God
All of my life
I have been thinking
I ensure someone has
known my achievements
And I beat my chest
Forcing God to tell me
That I am a good and faithful servant

I thought he was actually telling me
And so I went ahead to do what I was doing
Telling me I was right
Because I received accolades from people
And not my master
My enemies were laughing in a way I couldn’t see
Thinking it was my turn to laugh

Now that I realize where I should be
They are not going to stop
Until I am put to rest
They will ensure not only me who dies
But my purpose dies too
What they don’t know is I have been dead before
I have overdosed on my sinful blows
My eyes were sealed shut and my heart oxygen flow

They wondered why Jesus choose me
A wretch like me
With a past like me
He had a hundred sheep
With one stray
And that little sheep
Happened to be me

They don’t know Jesus chooses lost
So they too can be chosen
And they will be singing the amazing grace
That a sinner found
And how sweet that sounds
aThen will be talking about
How Jesus is Rich in Grace because he saves

They will know
how great thou art
Because he is king
And strength in their weaknesses
As they see how weak they were and dead they were to sin

Now I realize that
I would not want my enemies to perish
Because I have read the enemies to perish
And known that anyone with the mark of the beast
Will suffer in the lake of fire -hell fire

And therefore every time I worship and pray
I remember them
Crying to God to let not anyone perish
Because it nearly happened to me
To soften their hearts
That they may see God
And that they may experience
The first ressurection

I pray they realize
That mercy said no
And they may seek the Lord
To know that grace is not only for me
But is for everyone who God loves

I pray that they realize
That there is power in the name of Jesus
To break every chain
Tied to them by the enemy
And that when they finally seek him
They may sing that the chains are broken

It is my desire
To see my enemies facing unto the Lord
Singing praises and worship
Asking to give them you Lord
Knowing everything else can wait because the old is gone the new has come
And with the knowledge they have been raised with Christ