I feel devoid

Dry,empty, torn

I feel persecuted

Struck down to my heels

Now crawling on the ground

Totally grieving


Christian by choice

Christ like I should be

That’s what I try

But it seems to me

That I am limited

The many times that I

Succumb to temptation

I fall but a righteous

Man falls 7 times and rises again

Not copying the example

Of Christ while he was on

Earth living like man

I succumb to temptation

Yet he was also tempted

Yet he was  also tempted

But won through it

Listening to those

Who talk of spirituality

Yet Christ healed on the Sabbath


My grieving soul

Grieves when I succumb

To human temptation

Grieves when I walk

In the works of the flesh

Grieves when I sin

Knowing I have

Grieves when I forget

Or fail to pray

Grieves when I forget

To read or live by his word


But I pray

That I may be

Spirit led

Live by his word

Pray ceaselessly

Congregate with other

Christians for Bible Study

Listen to His word and put into practice

That my soul

May not be grieved

But I may stand in the accordance of his word.