One day in a highway a man was cruising in his state of the art Jaguar. As he was speeding a young man threw a stone and hit the car by the side. The driver came to a halt and assessed the damage on the car. There was a huge dent. He looked around and saw a young man approaching him. He started unleashing his entire wrath at the lad wondering why on earth he would do such a nasty act to his new car. The dent would be costly.

The young man without looking at the damage he had done to the car pointed at the pavement. The driver looked in the same direction and all he saw was a wheelchair. The lad explained that he was pushing his brother back home on the pavement but however, he accidentally fell down. Apparently, he was too heavy for the boy to lift him. He had tried to beckon many people and drivers to stop in vain. As a last resort, he thought of throwing stones at cars and that is how he hit the jaguar.  The driver was taken a back. He helped the boy lift the brother back to the wheelchair. He also made up his mind not to charge him with the dent.

It would be a constant reminder that at rimes we run so fast in life that we forget to slow down to help others. We just don’t want to be interrupted. We have a busy schedule so we say. Life has taught us to be busy and to acknowledge that there is no time. In fact many of the miracles of Jesus were performed when he was interrupted. Think about it. His first miracle was turning was turning water into wine at a wedding in Cana. He was interrupted while celebrating with other guests at the reception. His second miracle was healing of an Official’s son. Remember he was interrupted while journeying across Galilee.

He was interrupted as he preached to a multitude of five thousand to feed them. The lame man walking, the paralyzed man rising, the dead child that Jesus brought into life….why didn’t Jesus mind being interrupted? Because he loved people. He was approachable, easy to talk to and easy to like- how unlike many of us who claim to represent God today.

Remember life’s interruptions are God’s opportunities. If Christ did not want to be interrupted, imagine how many people would have continued in utter suffering.

In one of the most familiar stories in the Bible, Jesus tells about three busy men whose lives are interrupted by another person’s problems. Two of these (very religious me indeed) decide not to allow life’s interruptions to detour them from their own hectic agendas. They have no allowance for delays no room for interruptions. No doubt same full schedule holds true for the despised Samaritan, a man whose family isn’t even from that part of the country. But the Samaritan recognizes the wounded Samaritan as an opportunity to do the work of God.

That man-an unnamed fellow who allowed God to turn an interruption into an opportunity has been known ever since as the Good Samaritan. You too can be the Good Samaritan.

Do not let God throw a stone at you as a reminder that you need to spare time for others….

A candle loses none of its light by lighting another.