Education is the key to success. Ignorance is bliss. Looking at these two famous quotes, I remember a friend who once told me that her brother is at school by 5:10 am and is back home by 8:00pm. This is a day school in Nairobi where children from all areas of the county come to study. A school according to the laws in the Ministry of Education should have been closed down by now. If we go back to the drawing board we realize that this is a primary school thus has children under the age of 15yrs. There are those who live in the surroundings of the school therefore their parents do not mind them going to school at such ungodly hours.
Consequently I do not only question the institutions but ask where are the parents? Are the parents against such plans by push schools or they totally agree because the child is sitting for the final examination that particular year. They allow their children to wake up at 4:00am because they need to be in school at five. You find that it is what the parents want for the child to pass their examinations but nothing changes in the lives of their children. No skills are nurtured, no talents grow, and they become dull each day because all they do is read and read more. Such children only end up being rebels because they were hardened to fit in such kind of environments.
Questionably are parents taking part in the school lives of their children? How are parents getting involved in the learning of their children? Are parents only pushing their children to study hard day and night? Do parents assist the children to explore more than they imagine? To answer the above questions we can say if parents are doing nothing about the laws enforced by push schools acting negatively on their children then that is how they are taking part in the school life of their child. If a parent can come to class and learn as a child and feel what it is like to be in that position then the parent is playing a role in encouraging the child to learn although in a positive manner.
Consequently what is the government doing about poor education systems and law breakers when it comes to laws linked to education? Allow me to take a walk on poor inn this path. Schools that have small classrooms with over 50 students fighting for breathing space with very small windows and a narrow door. Worse and costly is when there are fewer classrooms thus standard four students and standard six students learning totally different subjects in a singular room. Schools portray there are bringing up dull students when they talk of no sports or extra curriculum activities for standard seven and eight students. Who will tell the government to show itself in schools to ensure laws are kept or else shut down the schools?
Have you ever heard that better a C with character than an A who is a thug? I was once told it is better for me to have a university degree and be a chef, mason, musician, writer or artist than have none and be a millionaire because ignorance is bliss. It did not make sense now but when I think about it there is truth in it. C with character can make wise decisions because and plan accordingly but an A thug can make compromising decisions because they only thing they think of is how they will steal. This arises the question how does the education we give our students allow them to grow in values and make decisions that will not compromise them? Do we only teach students to read and write or do we train them to help themselves and become useful members of the community?
As I conclude I ask do our education systems empower the students and help them grow in all aspects or do they only want to put more books into their heads? What type of education are we giving our children? Do most of the professionals even know their job or did they just go through school? Did school really go through them?