The lottery ticket 
You bought 
And you won

From rags to riches 

The poor living is all gone 
No more poverty 
No more 
Because now 
You are as rich as Croesus

From rags to riches 

At least for once you did what was right 
10 Percent to church 
The place of God comes first 
Hmmm but whats next?

From rags to riches

Living like a millionaire 
7 million dollar house
Then you buy a limonzine
Then a hammer 

You don’t even stop there 
Your mama too gets a Mercedes Benz 
She now owns a very expensive mansion 

From rags to riches

Your best friend 
Whom even the poor called poor 
You find a job for her 
Currently owns a range rover sport 
Lest I forget she lives in a castle 
From rags to riches

It is called…
Living like a millionaire
Na bado…
It gave you all 
And I mean all

From rags to riches

The life of a millionaire 
Attracted ‘love’ to your life
It made you get …
A husband 
Can you imagine !

From rags to riches

Six children 
You have 
All living the lifes
Of kings and queens 

From rags to riches

When you go to work 
On arrival at the office 
Everybody says 
Here comes the millionaire 
And one person shouts 
…in  her hammer 


…in her limo

From rags to riches 

As if that is not enough 
You go about 
Treating all your friends and relatives 
At least all have a job 
The title poor is not theirs again 

From rags to riches 

A year after your lottery 
Things went bad 

Everybody asks 


What happened?

From riches to rags!

As poor as a church mouse
There you are 

At least you managed 
To keep your job 

Poor you 
Now you catch a bus to work 
Oh you 
Living in a rented house 

From Riches to rags 

Dear you 
I pity you 
A thousand times 
How miserable 

From riches to rags 

Your best friend 
Richer than you are 

The friends you treated to luxury 
Have all left you 

From riches to rags 

You have nothing left 
Except the life of a beggar 

I pity you 

Your husband has now left you 
He loved you for your money 
He left you saying

“This woman that I married  
is nothing 
But an…
Illiterate useless quack 
She has nothing”

From riches to rags 

Auctioneers carried all your property 
You were sued for bouncing checks 


This is what it was 

When you made a transition 

From rags to riches to rags 

Penning my thoughts
Lorraine Wangari