The power goes out and you can’t see anything. You sit incredibly still and focus on your hearing. Don’t stand! Don’t stand! The voice in my head was telling me. I sat back to hear if the voice would call again or If it was just a dream. After twenty minutes of listening I thought that I can as well stand. That is just a dream I reassured myself. When I was just on the verge I heard it again : Don’t stand! Don’t stand! If you do you risk losing your life. This time the voice did not just echo itself. It dared to warn me. Did it just feel like it? Did the voice feel like she should tremble or was there more to it? Long after staring into the dark I heard a gunshot and another and another. Then the voice called out again Don’t stand! Don’t stand! I was tempted to look outside the window but the seriousness of the voice started to bring itself up with the incidences of the time. The gunshots stopped at three. That must be a specific person or a house that members must have suffered an attack. I thought to myself. After twenty minutes of absolute silence I heard somecommotion out side. I stood and peeped curiously outside the window. The members of the community were surrounding the of a young man who had just moved in. My curiosity begun to
grow. Stepping out of the stone cold house I saw the young man’s body, whose name I came to know as Jacob, on the ground. He was not dead for his frail body moved . Jack Robins- and an ambulance arrived. The community catered for his bills. This was when they realized that he had just started working and managed to secure a place for himself. The incident brought forth good for the community. They established The Tujuane Initiative with the aim know your neighbour. After three months Jacob walked out of hospital as the first beneficiary of the The Tujuane Initiative .

Posted by Lorraine Wangari