I found a note tucked in the middle of an old library book. I looked at the note wondering whether to go ahead and open it. After a moment of hesitation I opened it. It was written in the form of a letter with a neat handwriting. 
Dear reader, it began. Thank you for allowing this book to feel your hands and avoid accumulating dust on the old shelf. I have read this book from cover to cover when it had spent some ample time in the library. It looked new then. I don’t know it’s state as you clasp it in your hands. Hope it is Still legible as before. Let your eyes see the wisdom in this book. Let your ears listen to the voices in the book. Allow your heart to welcome the warmth it carries. Yours sincerely wisdom seeker. The book still looked as new as the wisdom seeker described it. It seemed as if he was the last reader before me and probably knew about it. I slipped back the note and returned the book with the name facing upwards. I thought this would attractive to the readers. More profoundly the  book is about literary appreciation therefore any readers attention would be captured. Before leaving the library I added my note and put between the first pages written keep this book as neat as possible.

Posted by Lorraine Wangari