Give and it
Shall come back
to you
With good measures
Pressed down
Shaken together
And running over
But when I give
I don’t expect
Anything from man
But from the Lord
For if I expect from man
I will pay severely
Through exploitation
And their other expectations
That may lead me to
Misery because when
Man gives to man
He expects
But in giving to God
He is rewarded
And when you give
Do not let your
Right hand know
What the left is doing
Or the left know
What the right hand
Is doing
Don’t be a Pharisee
A show off
In  the name of charity
With the little you have
Help it will go far
The hand that giveth
Is the hand that  recieveth
Jesus gave his life
For me I  call him saviour
I give my life back to him
He will use it
For his glory
One more thing
If I feed the hungry
I feed him
I give water to the thirsty
I give to him
When I clothe the naked
I do it him
Whatever you do
To the least of my brothers
You do unto me
I rejoice in giving
Because I do
it for God

Posted by Lorraine Wangari