The text simply read ‘very clever’. I looked at the message wondering how Roberts first ever text message would have such sarcastically cruel words.
I wondered what my work mate would be thinking. What kind of information could have gotten to his desk? What had he seen at work that triggered him to text that kind of a message? Or was I featured on national television by the cameras of the nosy crew who call themselves journalists? I wondered.
I wanted to call him but resisted. Incidentally I rarely fought with Robert. It therefore disturbed me to keep thinking where his mind was in writing the text. I then remembered the book I had left in his office recently in a rush to go home to avoid the rains from catching up with me on the way home.
The book had my documents
and some confidential reports that the company held. Crucial information as this cannot possibly be left in the hands of a colleague who was below my positive in hierarchy.
What have I just done I wondered. Thinking of my job and position, I was shaken. It was not new to anyone how much the bosses trusted me. Commendation after Commendation: my efforts were always termed as exemplary.
On the other hand Robert did not like it at all. He disliked it that it was only I whose efforts were recognized. He tried to excel but it seemed he always failed even at his best. I realized when he got to the higher offices I would be in a fix.
However I looked into things and thought to myself that there was always a way to negotiate.
” Robert was a corrupt individual and I could use this for my benefit.”
I thought to myself.
Later in the day I called him and asked him why he would send me a message that is not hilarious from any point of view. Your guess is as good as mine his corrupt nature was driving him to either give him money for keeping the book safely or for him to set me up. Managing to bring him to his senses. I put it to his mind no one would believe him. He let it go but vowed to me I would regret it.