I was reading a story and came about this statement https://anduvate.wordpress.com/2015/11/27/m-a-m-u-s-h-i/ :War does not determine who is right it only determines who is left.
I carried it to make my comment and this is what the writer has to say.
I just pray that people realize this.
However this is also what I can add to all this ; many a. times people tend to think of superiority. It comes in many times to bite us. People are always in a war against something or someone. The war against corruption, war against tribalism, war against HIV, war against cancer.
But have you ever heard that prevention is better than cure? We keep warring against that which we could have prevented. When the time was there to make things right we made them worse. Allow me to drive the point I want to communicate from it’s root. If you are in a war against HIV it does not only matter if you know the causes, effects and measures to be taken but also if you secure yourself from getting the virus. If you are in a war against tribalism it doesn’t only matter if you advocate for one ness but if you practice unity. It then narrows down to those who drink water and drink wine, which then drives me to utter the words practice what you preach. It is easy for one to speak and the not
practice what they speak. Don’t just fight ,act for if the war begins it will not determine if you are right but if you are left