Preserve me
That when you walk
In the garden
And I hear your
Light but strong
I may not hide
Because I am naked
Fearing what you will
Say to me
Because the serpent
Deceived me
And I succumbed
To the temptation
I know you
Put the tree
Because you gave
Me the power
To choose
To obey you
Or to obey you
Let me not
Take advantage of the
Grace because
I know you
Will come asking
Where are you
Let your spirit
Houver around me
That I may discern
And not fall into temptation
Relent from cursing me
If I repent
Bless me if I do right
For you are a God of blessing
Retain in me
The unified self
That I may not fall
As the devil
Beating his chest
Sticking his toung out
In victory
Win me for yourself
For your glory
And magnificent
To enter your kingdom