Like Adam and Eve
in the garden of Ede God gave me every fruit
from the tree of poetry
I  decided to eat
the forbidden fruit but I received my stopsign
As God gave Joshua the strength so did He gave me the strength to destroy any walls of Jericho around me to possess the land of promise
In my life
That hinders my poetry
From worshipping God
like Esther give me Wisdom and boldness to approach
the king for my people
And give him
my words of Pearl
The same way
Ruth waited for Boaz
Allow me to wait
Till my pen has
The right words to
Communicate my life
For you
In my sleep awaken me
That I can hear your voice
Like Samuel
To write to your people
That which you want
them to know
Allow Eli to come through
To open my eyes
And you have
Chosen me
Among many Nations
For your names sake
To unravel many
Mysteries the world
May have
Write for me
That which
You may
want me to Write