I feel devoid
Dry, empty and torn
I feel persecuted
Struck down to my heels
Now crawling on the ground
Totally grieving

Christian by choice
Christ like I should be
That’s what I try
But it seems to me
That I am limited
The many times that I
Succumb to temptation
I fall but a righteous
Falls 7 and rises again

Not copying the example
Of Christ while He was on
Earth living like man
I succumb to temptation
Yet He was also tempted
But won through it
Listening to those
Who talk of my spirituality
Yet Christ healed on the Sabbath

My grieving soul
Grieves when I succumb
To human temptation
Grieves when I walk
To human temptation
Grieves when I
Walk in the works of the flesh
Grieves when I sin
Knowing I am
Grieves when I forget
Or fail to pray
Grieves when I forget
To read or live by His word

But I pray
That I may be
Spirit led
Live by His word
Pray ceaselessly
Congregate with other
Christians for Bible study
Listen to His word
And put into practice
That my soul
May not be grieved
But I may stand in the
Accordance of His word.


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