The world is such a nice place
Where the fields are green
And the waters are blue
It is a gift from God
Not a right from the universe
The sun shines bright
With more of perfection
You got saved on a Sunday
But backslid on a Monday
You listened to the word
And as the pastor say
You will be the first to say
Hallelujah! Amen!
But you do not know
What you are saying
I build my house in the
Northern part of America
But made it from stone
But in winter
I became a snow ghost
Freezing inside the house
Didn’t I know
I was to build it
From simple piece of wood?
But when I decided
To do something of substance
With my life
Majority of my friends
Became PHD
I mean a Pull Her Down
But that could not kill me
It only made me stronger