It was when I received him that I knew we were in love
It was when I accepted him that I knew he does great things
It was when I thought of what he had done that I learnt to love him
I sat down with him when we were out on a date
He took me out on this date the first time I read his word
I wore the engagement ring when I stopped hiding like Nicodemus
I realised he would do it for me when I was dipped and baptised in water
He took me down the aisle when I received him as Lord and saviour
He took me out on a harnimoon, when I saw miracles in my life
It is my holy matrimony with Jesus

He was my shoulder to lean on, when I needed some love
We got a child, when I spoke his word
He lifted up high, when I felt I was low
He wiped out my tears, when I cried out to him
He ran back for me, when I took a different route
He has never abandoned me, despite all the wrong I have done to him
He held my hand, when I wanted to break lose
He brought me back, whenever I was lost
It is holy matrimony with Jesus