Lead me Lord
I plead
Lead me lord
As I lead the Israelites
To the Promised Land
Through the wilderness
May I be strong-willed
Like Moses
But also learn from weaknesses

Lead me Lord
As I takeover
From the work of Moses
Give me the courage
And confidence of Joshua
And not the GMS
Grasshopper Mentality Syndrome
Of the ten spies
Let me take them through
Believing and knowing
You are leading me

Lead me Lord
That I may not sin
Or succumb to the wages of sin, death
For you died for me
That I may live
And be free
From the schemes
Of the devil

Lead me Lord
For my paths are not straight
But yours are
For I am not righteous
But you are
Lead me Lord
That I may be
The head and not the tail
Coz you designed me victory
On earth with a purpose
Lead me Lord