If you can look at the sunset and smile then you still have hope. (Anonymous)
“How I wish I was pushed to study I could have done better.” Those were the words of the mouth of Bilha Siyadi. Bilha was a bright student in one of the best schools in the country – Galaxy High School.
She was one among the best students who was always praised by teachers and admired by other students. It also came to the attention of the non-teaching staff about her remarkable performance in school. She was the school celebrity.
That moment when she thought to herself she realized all attention was drawn to the less performing students. It was they whom the teachers always organised for private sessions, given extra work and with any slight improvement they were always congratulated and encouraged to do more.
Bilha was always very outstanding in her efforts but this time she wondered why it would be so. Award after award she took home. She sat with ‘presidents’ and dined with them courtesy of zealous effort and remarkable performance.
However, Bilha recalled where her attention was drifted to during her last year. A larger part of the term especially during the last year, she was the intercessory leader of the Christian union (C.U). She had to ensure all prayers conducted within the school borders were successful and colourful.
“Through God’s grace I can count my successes academically and in the prayer group I can say I made an impact, I can’t count how many lives were changed.”
She thought to herself then gazed at the sunset and smiled then said “so why should I ask God ‘WHY ME’ When I fail to achieve my target?