Was it not Adam
A simple human being
Who ate the fruit of the middle tree?
That he was given by his wife
Eve who was deceived
By the serpent
The poisonous rattle snake


I pray I be like Abraham
That in my actions
Everyone may be reminded
He was the father of all faith
And that when the lord comes to my house
I may welcome him like Sarah did

Make me the selfless Abraham
And not the selfish lot
That when we do a role play
I may act Rebecca and he Isaac
A servants answered prayer

If you make me pay attention to detail
Like Noah
I will serve you with no end
I will make you an ark
With perfectly fine wood
That will make it float on water

If you make me Jacob
I will not be a deceiver
But I will go to my uncle Laban
And marry whom
You tell me to
Make me not like Leah
That when you bless me
I may not boast about it
But I will bless
All the nations

Lord give me your place
Like Moses
That when you place me on leadership
I will lead your people
As I seek your face
Until you take me out of the face of this earth
Lord may I not speak of your servants falsely
Like Aaron and Miriam
That my skin may not be leprous
But it may not be smooth
That when everybody sees me
That when everybody sees me
They may say I am loved by the Lord

Lord make me not like Balaam
A false prophet
Rebuked by his donkey
In order to hear your voice
And to listen to your spirit

Give me the courage and confidence
Of Joshua and Caleb
To bring grapes on my shoulders
Not fearing the giants

Give me the faith of Rahab
To protect your people
And not the G.M.S
Grasshopper Mentality Syndrome
Of the ten spies

Put a song of victory in my mouth
Like that of Deborah and Barak
Make my special relationship
With you better God
That I may stand out

Create in me
The strength of Samson
That I may win for you
But your spirit intercede for me
That I may not fall into Delilah’s temptation

Even if my brothers sell me as a slave
Like Joseph
Help me to remain faithful
And be full of integrity
Through your word

Make me Ruth
That I may be helpful
And be faithful to her
As I wait for my Boaz

Lord even if I am barren for years
May I be as prayerful as Hannah?
To keep praying for a child
Despite mistreatment from Peninah
Until I get Samuel
Then they shall see your grace

May I have a friend
Whom I shall call Jonathan
And he/she calls me David
That I may be rescued from Saul’s hands
So that we may give each other our rightful place

Make me Abigail
A woman of my prowess
To prevent the wrath of Nabal
From attacking from all directions

When you make me Naboth
Snatch me away from the hands of
Ahab and Jezebel
The evil king and his wife
That I may inherit my vineyard

Make me Jehosheba
To save Joash
From the hands of queen Athaliah
That he may later be king

Make me like Job
That even when the devil
Puts all forms of temptation before me
That I may not curse you
But speak of you more and live

Let me keep
The proverbs in my heart
That wisdom may speak to me
Let me sing
The psalms in my mouth
To give you praise

And this day I pray like Jabez
That you may enlarge my territory
That you may bless me indeed
Your hand may be with me
That I may cease to cause and to be called pain

Lord therefore give me
The boldness of Esther
To stand before the king
And identify Haman
Then make me Modecai
Not to forget my place

And Lord moreover
Give me faith and submission
Like Mary your son’s mother
To conceive by the power of the Holy Spirit

Make me not
To not fear the Pharisees
To not hide in fear
Of knowing you
But to proclaim your word
Convert me Lord
From Saul to Paul
That I may not persecute Christians
But I may go and deliver your word